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Everything you need to sell tickets online, to more people, in one ticketing platform.

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Packed full of features, our ticketing platform has every feature you’d expect to find, and a lot more you won’t be able to live without once you try them.

Our platform is highly versatile, and constantly evolving. We’re ahead of the curve on industry trends and adaptive to specialist requirements. We’ve been perfecting a vast suite of features to meet the needs of any type of event, venue, or attraction and to help transform the way you sell tickets. 

Customise - Make your event pages your own

AI assist for event descriptions

Use artificial intelligence to help you write clear and concise event descriptions that will attract more ticket buyers – in just a few clicks. Read more at our blog.

Create multiple organisations

Easily create and manage multiple organisations in our system, each with its own set of events, ticket types, and settings.

Custom backgrounds, logos, fonts, sharing images

Customize the look and feel of your event pages to match your own brand, website, and designs.

Charity Banners

Highlight your support for a charity with a customisable banner on your event pages.

Duplicate events

Easily duplicate existing events, settings, and ticket types saving you time and effort.

Email and Ticket Customisability

Customise text on both the email confirmation that ticket buyers receieve, and the .pdf e-tickets themselves. Or eschew the .pdfs completely.

Embed and Customise iframes

Embed your event pages in other websites or applications, sell tickets online via your website, and customize the look and feel of the iframes as much as you need.

Multi-language ticketing

Sell tickets online in up to 19 different languages, making your events accessible to a wider audience. Read more at our blog.

Ticket Grouping

Group tickets together to make it easier for buyers to navigate big events with lots of ticket types

Unlimited Events

Create as many events as often as you like in our highly adaptive system.

Unlimited ticket types, unlimited allocations

Within events, create an unlimited number of ticket types with unlimited allocations. Sell as much as you want.

White label ticketing and custom domains

White label your ticketing platform and use your own domain name and branding, giving your events a professional and polished look.

Sell - Sell tickets online with our easy to use platform

Apple/Google Pay support

Allow ticket buyers to pay for tickets using Apple Pay or Google Pay, making it a more convenient and secure way to purchase tickets.

Charitable donations

Allow ticket buyers to make a charitable donation to a cause of your choice when purchasing tickets and opt-in to gift aid if qualifying.

Custom booking fees

Charge a custom booking fee for tickets, which can be used to offset the cost of processing payments or to generate additional revenue.

Custom booking questions

Ask custom booking questions to ticket buyers, such as their name, email address, or contact information. This information can be used to personalize the ticket buyer’s experience or to market to them in the future.

Free tickets are free

We will never charge you for issuing free tickets, or running event registration for a free-to-attend event.

Low ticket warnings

Automatically display a warning when a particular ticket type is running low, at a threshold of your choosing, encouraging bookings.


Create a membership scheme with annual or monthly charges, and a digital wallet pass. Perfect for season tickets, attraction memberships, club memberships and more.

Mobile optimised checkout

All our event pages and checkout process is mobile-friendly, enabling easy purchases for the majority of users who buy on their phones.

Payment plans

Allow ticket buyers to purchase tickets for an event in instalments, making it more affordable for them to attend. Read more at our blog.

Recurring/calendar events

Make selling regular events a breeze with our easy to set-up and customer friendly booking platform.

Refund protection

Offer refund protection to ticket buyers, so that they can get a refund if they are unable to attend an event – at no cost to yourself.


Create and display seatmaps for seated events, selling individual seats or tables in any configuration e.g. a ballroom, a theatre, or a stadium. Attendees can pick their own seats or use an algorithim to pick the best available. Monitor ticket sales, seat availability, and attendance all in one place and re-use seatmaps across any number of events. See the demo in action.

Stripe & Stripe Checkout Integration

A seamless integration means we support 135+ currencies, and dynamically show the payment methods most likely to improve conversion.

Other payment processor support

We also support Paypal, Opayo, Axcess, iDEAL and Sofort payments, as well as our own card services.

Tour groups

Take bookings for large groups organised by tour operators such as holiday companies, or schools. See arrival dates and times for groups at a glance.


Allow ticket buyers to purchase tickets for specific time slots for an event, such as morning or evening sessions, or completely custom time slots. Read more at our blog.

Upsell addons and merchandise

Sell tickets online and then offer your customers addons, such as merchandise or food and beverage vouchers, at the point of purchase. Generating additional revenue for your event or raise charitable donations. See more at our blog.

Promote - Use our marketing tools to sell more tickets

Custom URL

Create a custom URL for your event page, so that it can be easily shared and remembered.

Discount codes

Create discount codes that can be used to offer discounts on tickets, either for a specific event or for all events.

Discount deals

Configure deals that allow you to charge different prices when customers book certain combinations of tickets. E.g, booking two adults and two children charges a special family rate.

Easily export mailing lists

Export GDPR-compliant mailing lists of opted-in customers and registrants in just a few clicks, at a moments notice.

Group deals

Encourage big bookings and reach into your individual networks of your fans using our unique Group Ticketing. Read more at our blog.

Landing pages

Easily create stylish and highly customisable mini-sites by using LIVE IT’s Landing Pages feature. See more at our blog.

Mailchimp integration

Integrate your ticketing platform with Mailchimp, so that your email database is always up-to-date with opted in sales.

Members only tickets

Create tickets that are only available to people who have registered for a membership.

Password protected bookings

Protect your event listings and bookings with a password, so that only authorized people can access them.

Public or private listings

Choose whether to list your events publicly or privately, so that they can be discovered on search engines or not.

Registration pages

Build hype, generate high-intent leads, and kick your event campaign off with a bang using our Registration Pages. See more at our blog.

Restrict bookings by email address

Restrict bookings to specific email addresses, as another means to control who can book tickets to a particular event.

Social sharing tools

Add social sharing buttons to your event pages, so that ticket buyers can easily share your events on social media.

Tracking and referral links

Create tracking and referral links for your events, so that you can track the performance of your marketing campaigns and identify your most effective sources of leads.

Report - Get insights into your ticket sales

Analytics & tracking code support

Add analytics code (Google Analytics or any custom pixel) to your platform to track website traffic and sales performance.

Dashboard overview

Get an overview of your sales and analytics data in an easy-to-read and configurable dashboard.

Full data exports

Export your data – all of it or just for selected events – in a variety of formats at the drop of a hat.

Google Looker integration

Integrate your live data with Google Looker to create custom dashboards and reports.

Sales overview

Get an overview of your sales performance, including sales by event, ticket type, and date.

Sales notifications

Receive notifications via email when sales are made or refunds are issued.

Webhooks support

Send booking data to other applications using webhooks.

Zapier integration

Integrate your events with Zapier to automate your event management tasks.

Organise - Manage your events and tickets

Account management / knowledge base

Call on the support of our expert staff whenever you need it, or consult our burgeoning knowledge base of articles and guides.

Box office

Scan and sell tickets with our versatile box office platform. It’s completely integrated with our main ticketing system so keeping track of numbers is easy. Whether you’re accepting cash, supplying your own PDQ, or using a LIVE IT payment terminal, our system is flexible to your needs.

Bulk import attendees

Import a list of attendees into your event and send them all tickets to save vast amounts of time otherwise spent manually creating bookings.

Bulk refund attendees

Refund tickets for multiple attendees at once with a bulk refund tool.

Chatbot set up

As an extra service, we can help you set up a chat bot for your website, to automate your customer service and slash both your workload and response times.

Configure sales tax

Configure sales tax settings for your platform to ensure that you are compliant with local laws.

Customer support / online help centre

Feel free to direct customers with ticket issues to us, where we’ll help them quickly and effectively. Likewise, they can consult our online help portal to resolve the most common issues themselves.

Essential event updates

Use our platform to contact all ticketholders for any given event via email. For GDPR reasons, this must only be used to provide essential event updates e.g. rescheduling.

GDPR compliant / you own all your own data

Eres dueño de todos los datos recopilados en la plataforma LIVE IT. Puedes exportar los datos de tus clientes en cualquier momento desde el panel de control del organizador. No utilizamos tus datos para marketing ni vendemos a terceros.

Mobile scanning app

Scan tickets to your event on any mobile device using our browser-based checkin app.

Multi-user access and access logs

Allow multiple users to access your organiser profile/event configuration, and track who has accessed what.

Printer support

Soporte nativo del sistema para generar boletos físicos BOCA, hasta recibos de pago y pases de conferencias. Utiliza tu propio dispositivo o pregunta por las opciones de alquiler disponibles.

Qflow integration

We have a live API integration with Qflow, one of the most popular ticket scanning apps. Perfect for if you need offline ticket scanning.

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