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Hever Castle use our attraction ticketing software.
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Are you tired of navigating complex ticketing systems that deter potential customers and require a lot of your time to manage?

LIVE IT has reimagined attraction ticketing software from the ground up. We have created LIVE IT | Venue as a fully featured ‘software as a service’ platform that allows our clients to focus on running their attractions rather than deal with endless problems with IT.

We understand the challenges faced by attractions in balancing your ticketing requirements with modern efficiency. Our platform is a bridge between these worlds, offering a versatile, robust, and continuously evolving booking platform that adapts to your unique needs.

Every part of your ticketing operations can be folded in, from advance sales to the box office, from memberships to reporting, all with the support of our dedicated team of experts on hand every step of the way.

Explore the venue system below and get in touch to find out how we can transform the way you sell tickets.

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LIVE IT’s Membership Feature is a game-changer for attractions seeking to build a strong community of enthusiasts and supporters. With easy-to-use management tools, you can offer members special access, discounts, and unique experiences, all while gaining valuable insights into their preferences and behaviours.

This feature not only elevates the visitor experience but also drives revenue growth and strengthens your attraction’s brand loyalty.

Easy to Use, Easy to Sell

Setting up memberships is a quick and easy process, but the system has a great degree of customisability and flexibility to suit your needs. We can easily import any existing membership or season ticket schemes you already have. Purchases are made through the same high-performance, conversion-optimised checkout as ticket sales.

Extensive Reporting, Granular Control

You’re never more than a click away from sales statistics, scan reports, or customer data. Get detailed spreadsheets or easy-to-read dashboards, which can be custom- made to suit. Create as many membership tiers as you need with whatever renewal period you desire, and members-only events effortlessly.

Digital Passes, Easy Renewal

Our membership system offers Apple and Google Wallet membership pass or the option to produce a membership card, and can easily be managed at the box office, online or by back office staff. When it’s time to renew, customers receive an email at a time of your choosing, with your wording, with the opportunity to upgrade or add more members.

An example of LIVE IT's memberships feature, part of our attraction ticketing software.
An example of LIVE IT's box office feature, part of our attraction ticketing software.

Box office

Our Box Office offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless experience for walk-up sales and efficient ticket and membership scanning. The system’s simplicity facilitates quick transactions, making it easy for staff to manage on-site purchases effortlessly.

The Box Office features allows administrators to oversee multiple locations and users with distinct permissions. This ensures a secure and organised ticketing process while providing the flexibility needed for various event scenarios.

Make it your own

You have full control over the tickets available in the box office, how they are displayed to your staff, and the pricing you’d like to have in place. Special offers, discounts and memberships are all supported too. Selling tickets, or finding and reprinting online bookings takes seconds.

Flexibility meets scalability

Setting up the POS is a breeze in and of itself, and from there it’s easy to add new locations, devices, or team members. Both sales data and finances are synced to your LIVE IT account so you can see what’s happening everywhere, from anywhere.

Use your existing hardware

Like our ticketing solution, our Box Office / POS is cloud-based and can be run from any computer with access to the internet, with no lengthy installation period required. Subject to meeting some very basic requirements, your existing hardware will work just fine, saving time and money.

Tour groups

At LIVE IT, we understand the challenges attractions face in managing large groups. Our Tour Groups Feature is the perfect solution, offering an intuitive platform that simplifies the coordination of group visits.

Tailored to the needs of attractions of all sizes, this feature streamlines scheduling, capacity management, and tour group payments. It’s designed to enhance the experience for both your team and your visitors, making every group visit smooth, enjoyable, and memorable from initial enquiry to the on-the-day experience.

Intuitive solution for all sizes

Your group bookings manager will love our Tour Groups system that makes adding and managing group bookings simple and clear. Our tour group system can be used for venues and groups of all sizes, with simple tools to add, edit and issue tickets by your group booking manager and box office staff. 

Streamline scheduling & capacity management

With inventory shared across online ticket sales, box office and tour group bookings, managing capacities for all sales channels is easy. All reports integrate tour group bookings and individual bookings so you can easily see your attendance as an overview or broken down by individual and tour group sales. 

Simple & easy-to-use payment methods

Unlike individual sales, tour group bookings can be booking and edited without taking payment, then payment can be taken either before or after their visit depending on your procedures. Tour groups can pay in the box office by cash, card or cheque, or can be processed back of house by MOTO, marked as paid by invoice or cheque. 

An example of LIVE IT's tour groups feature, part of our attraction ticketing software.

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ICE at Kensington Palace use our attraction ticketing software.
Hever Castle use our attraction ticketing software.
Monkey Barrel Comedy use our attraction ticketing software.
Penshurst Place and Gardens use our attraction ticketing software.

LIVE IT worked closely with us on developing a ticketing system that meets all of our requirements for our visitor opening operation. It is multiples better than the well known provider we had before making it so much easier for the operations team as well as giving marketing a better understanding of who our visitors are and how they prefer to visit. After years of frustration with our previous ticketing provider and everyone else sounding rather underwhelmed with their providers I am delighted that LIVE IT have properly understood what we do and how to make a ticketing system that should suit all heritage attractions and no doubt other attractions too.

Duncan Leslie

CEO, Hever Castle

Attraction ticketing software packed with features

Easy to manage time slots

User friendly for both customers and staff, to rapidly streamline bookings.


Fully customisable discount codes

Percentages or flat amounts, certain tickets or all, codes or vouchers.


Custom dashboards

Take control of your data and create the views you need with Looker Dashboards.


Simple queue busting

Our mobile scanning app lets you get staff out and scanning, quickly clearing queues.


Set up new events in minutes

Our staff will help you set up your ticket offering on our sales page.


Tesco Clubcard integration

Simplify collaborations with this retail giant, enhancing your visibility.


Simple pricing

Our platform is charged on a low-cost usage basis and does not incur upfront fees.


White label ticketing

Custom domains and extensive page editing comes as standard.

More than just software

Signing up to work with LIVE IT is not a one-time transaction, but the start of a long-term partnership. We take a consultative approach to fully understand what you need and how your business works. Once set up we’re actively invested in your success and we work hard to ensure you get the best possible results from our system. Throughout it all, our team of experts will be with you every step of the way and always on hand to provide unrivalled support.

Joel at LIVE IT was a huge support from beginning to end. He was on hand to answer questions from ourselves and clients and was always quick to respond. Where some of our clients were unsure, Joel was on hand to help. Would highly recommend.

Jenna Fan

Director, Fanfare Music

The LIVE IT team.

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