Encourage big bookings and reach into the individual networks of your fans using our unique Group Ticketing.

Looking to give your event an attendance boost? Group deals might be the answer. By offering a free ticket or other reward to groups of ticket buyers, and making it so each group member can pay individually, we’ve perfected our Group Ticketing system into a reliable sales booster used by some of Europe’s biggest festival brands.

Unlike an ambassador network, which requires money, energy and years to build, this is a simple solution with mass-market appeal. By convincing regular buyers who would attend in groups of 2 or 3 to find more friends to come along, group ticketing is a cost-effective way to maximise ticket sales.

Read on to learn more, or watch our video explainer on group deals!

How do group deals work?

Event organisers can create Group Deals on any LIVE IT event page. You need to define how many tickets of a certain type need to be purchased and what the reward is for completing the group. You’ll be given a separate landing page link for creating groups to share with your customers.

Customers use that link to create their group.  The group leader is automatically sent a unique page to share amongst their friends with built-in sharing functions. They’ll receive a complimentary ticket, or other reward, upon successfully booking your required number of tickets.

Group deals - LIVE IT

A group deal registration page used by Ultra Europe.

Best Practices

The standard group deal that event organisers use is a buy X, get 1 free deal. The sweet spot seems to be around buy 4 or 5, get 1 free.

You can set an expiry date for your group deal which will add a timer to the registration/sharing pages – this helps incentivise bookings but means you need to keep an eye on it if you want to keep bookings open.

Keep a close eye on the rewards you are giving out – if the deal becomes a runaway success (it happens!) you don’t want to be giving away too many tickets.

As always – ensure your communication is clear so customers can clearly understand what they can get and what they need to do to get it.

Click here for some pre-prepared info text for your page

Gather your group and when you’ve completed your purchase of X tickets, you’ll unlock X for yourself.


1. Enter your contact information in the appropriate fields to create your unique group ticket link.

2. Get the unique group link from your e-mail.

3. Send the link to your friends to purchase their tickets through this link. You can either purchase your tickets individually or all in one purchase. As soon as X tickets have been purchased via this link, a Xth free ticket will automatically be sent to the person who created the group.

Please be aware that the name given when creating your group will be the name that is assigned to the free ticket.

Group deals - LIVE IT

An example of a customer’s unique group page, this time for We Are FSTVL.

Get Started

Create a new event and after initial set-up, select “Group Bookings” from the left-side menu.

For more detailed advice, check out this support article, or email support@liveit.io