If you are set to run an event in the near future, you will already be aware of several key elements that form part of the planning process. All the work you undertake during the planning stage not only ensures that the event is a success from an entertainment or commercial standpoint, but also prevents any security or safety issues from arising.

Stage Security is an experienced security company in Ipswich. Their array of services ranges from event and venue security to security consultancy. As part of their work offered to clients, Stage Security knows the ins and outs of providing a thorough security audit.

They have provided some of the top reasons why you may wish to consider a security audit as part of your event planning.

What is a Security Audit?

You may already be aware of the importance of event security but not necessarily certain terminology around this particular aspect of event planning. Planning the security aspects of your event isn’t as simple as hiring a security firm and introducing them to the logistics on the day of the event or a few days prior. For the safety of your staff and guests, security planning should take place well in advance of the event.

A security audit is one of the first processes that a security contractor will look to carry out. It is a careful and thorough examination of the event’s logistics and the results will dictate further planning considerations. The audit will comprise of several steps and the results will ultimately be outlined in a report detailing strengths, weaknesses and steps to take. When the security firm is new to the planning of the event and lacks certain detail, this is an important opportunity for compiling vital details about the situation.

One of the most important steps of a security audit is a site inspection. This is where qualified members of the security team will visit the event venue and carry out a complete risk assessment. The inspection will consider aspects such as access points, personnel, security technology, venue layout and much more. The security inspectors will identify what systems are already in place and their effectiveness as well as identifying weak points and where improvements could be made. For example, the inspectors may conclude that there is insufficient CCTV for the planned audience size.

Reasons Why a Security Audit is Important

If it isn’t already clear, security is vitally important for your event! There are several hazards and potentially dangerous situations that may cause harm to staff or attendees, from overcrowding and dangerous weather conditions to terrorist attacks. Not to mention something going wrong that could have been avoided can cause damage to your business reputation or revenue. An audit is extremely useful in identifying issues at an early stage, allowing you time to prepare and put in place effective solutions. It may be that the venue is lacking adequate technology or there are not enough emergency exists. The audit could also highlight issues that your team has failed to consider in planning discussions.

Co-operation is extremely important in planning an event. It is not just your event attendees that are affected by your operations but the local community. This is why a security audit identifies the different communities and organisations that will be affected. If security inspectors identify that nearby businesses or residents will be negatively impacted by your event, then their viewpoints will be considered. Similarly, it’s also an opportunity to consider how local authorities and emergency services will tie into the event planning. Many professional security firms will have developed strong partnerships with these additional bodies and allow important feedback to be heard from all concerned.

A security audit is a critical cog in piecing together the most successful event. A successful event is one that can be enjoyed in a safe manner and this is only possible with thorough planning that provides an accurate assessment of the security situation.

This is a guest blog post by Stage Security