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Need a scalable ticketing solution for mass participation events, marathons & triathlons to mud runs and more? Then Participate is for you!


Team bookings.

Our unique Group Ticketing solution is designed to make ticketing a viral process. Through our solution, we have the ability to help you reach into the individual networks of your fans and grow your fan base organically.


Increase brand engagement by encouraging individuals to actively push your brand to their peers. Customers are incentivised to share their group amongst their friends and receive a complimentary ticket, or any other reward, upon successfully completing their group. The group leader is automatically sent their own unique page to share amongst their friends with built-in sharing functions.


Unlike an ambassador network, which usually requires money, energy and years to build, and appealing only to power-sellers. This is a simple solution designed for mass-market appeal, convincing ordinary buyers who would usually only come in groups of 2 or 3 to find a couple of more friends to come along. It’s easy for the customer to understand, requires no management on your part and is effective from day one.

Custom data collection.

Request any additional information from the customer that you need, such as membership numbers and emergency contacts. We support multiple question types, including single choice, multiple choice, free text and date selection options.


Sell merchandise, parking passes, drinks tokens, or even cross-promote other events during the booking process.


With our upsell functionality, you can sell any item you wish or cross-promote other events, all within one transaction. Allowing you to monetise the full extent of products at your disposal.


No complicated manual stock control. Manage your inventory from one central allocation, listed across multiple event pages. The customer is directed to a dedicated upsell listing, with multiple options available for booking.

Packed full of features.

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Get paid fast

Take back control of your ticket funds. Integrate with our range of payment processing provider solutions and take payments directly to your own bank account. Get access to your money when you need it.

Fully featured

Our platform is highly versatile, and constantly evolving. We're ahead of the curve on industry trends, and adaptive to specialist requirements.

Integrated marketing

A suite of tools and integrations ensure you can leverage your existing leads to their full potential, and generate high-intent new ones.

Your data

You own all of your data collected on the LIVE IT platform. You can export your customer data at any time from your organiser dashboard. We do not use your data for marketing or sell to third parties.


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