Eco-Friendly Ticketing

Sustainable solutions that make sense for the environment and your business

Climate Positive Ticketing Operations

Sell tickets to your events and venues safe in the knowledge that your ticketing operations are being provided on a climate-positive basis.

Event attendees, organisers, talent and clients are all becoming aware of the impact that putting on events can have on the environment, and fans rightly have a growing expectation that experiences should be delivered with minimal – or positive – environmental impact. There is no reason that ticketing operations should be exempted from this drive towards sustainability, so LIVE IT are committed to becoming climate positive- meaning we’re not just reducing our carbon emissions and energy consumption but also taking steps to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.




Our efforts to become climate positive include tree planting initiatives to restore forests, rewilding projects to revitalize natural ecosystems, and support for sustainable energy solutions. These are made through our partnership with TreeApp. We’re taking action on the home front too, by encouraging our employees to cycle or take public transit to work, holding as many meetings as possible virtually, and keeping carbon-intensive travel via air to a minimum. We’re also working to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, specifically our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, in line with scientifically recognised targets.

Our sustainability drive extends to our ticketing service as well, where we now only offer e-tickets by default, and encourage customers to use their mobile wallets instead of printing their tickets out. We also recycle and re-use hardware wherever possible, incorporate the environment into our decision-making process whenever we can, and encourage our clients, suppliers and partners to do the same.

By minimizing our environmental impact and actively contributing to climate action, we aim to create a more sustainable future for the events industry and beyond.

An example of the Tickets for Trees banner - which clients can display on their event pages to demonstrate their sustainability commitment to a climate positive approach.

Tickets For Trees

To kick off our sustainability commitments, we started our Tickets for Trees scheme.

Every Earth Day, we plant a tree for every ticket sold by participating LIVE IT clients. We add special banners to the event pages of those taking part.

Taking part is a great way to get your carbon offset plans up and running at no cost to you. If you’d like to take part at the next Earth Day, just drop us a line.

Features for charities:

Take charitable donations

Allow ticket buyers to make a charitable donation to a cause of your choice when purchasing tickets and opt-in to gift aid if qualifying.

Add charity partner banners

Display your support for a charity of your choice with a custom event banner that will adorn your event pages.

Free tickets are always free

We will never charge you for issuing free tickets, or running event registration for a free-to-attend event.

Apple/Google Wallet Support

Save paper through use of .pdf e-tickets and mobile tickets stored in customers Apple and Google Wallets.

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