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Struggling to fill seats at your next concert, festival, or live event? Longing for a ticketing platform that empowers you, not restricts you? Look no further. Our innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution streamlines the ticketing process, maximizes sales, and grants you complete ownership of your valuable marketing data.

Sell Out Faster, Effortlessly: Our intuitive platform simplifies ticket creation and promotion, allowing you to craft targeted marketing campaigns with ease. Frictionless, Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations enable fans to purchase tickets in as few as three clicks, boosting sales and eliminating checkout headaches.

Own Your Data, Own Your Success: Ditch the black box ticketing giants. Our platform empowers you to capture and analyze all your marketing data, giving you invaluable insights into your audience and their preferences. Leverage this knowledge to optimize future events and cultivate fan loyalty.

Zero Hassle, Maximum Impact: Forget lengthy installations and hefty monthly fees. Our user-friendly SaaS platform gets you up and running in minutes, with no hidden costs. Focus on what you do best – creating unforgettable events – let us handle the ticketing revolution.

Ready to transform the way you sell tickets? Explore our powerful features below and discover how our platform can supercharge your event success. Contact us today to discuss a personalized plan and unlock the full potential of your next live experience.

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Group Deals

Our social group deals system is a wholly unique tool that proves consistently popular with customers and promoters alike, wherever it is deployed. By offering a free ticket or other reward to groups of ticket buyers, and making it so each group member can pay individually, we’ve perfected our Group Ticketing system into a reliable sales booster used by some of Europe’s biggest festival brands.

Reach into the networks of your fans

Unlike a rep network (which takes uncountable hours to build), or a system that allows for customers to pay separately with no incentives (they could just bank transfer eachother), this is a simple solution with mass-market appeal.

By convincing regular buyers who would attend in groups of 2 or 3 to find more friends to come along, group ticketing is a cost-effective way to maximise ticket sales.

Run unmissable offers

By giving your group deal an expiration date – which is then displayed as a countdown on both the registration and payment pages – you create a real incentive to drive sales. This is followed up with email reminders to ensure no one misses out on your unmissable deal.

Gather tonnes more marketing contacts

If a single person buys their tickets for a group, you’re only gathering one potential email contact. If everyone is paying separately, you stand to quadruple or better the amount of data you are collecting, with obvious benefits to your marketing efforts.

LIVE IT's group deals feature is a popular sales tool, part of our Ticketing Platform for Live Events.
Payment plans are part of our Ticketing Platform for Live Events.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans offer a myriad of new solutions to event promoters. Open your event up to a whole new range of customers by decreasing the financial barrier of entry – or take the sting out of a price increase or a VIP package by letting your buyers spread the cost over multiple pay-cycles. Our system is highly flexible and whatever implementation you have in mind can be supported.

Highly customisable deposits and payments

Craft the perfect payment plan for your event. Set a manageable initial deposit, and split the remaining balance into installments that suit your audience’s needs. Have as many scheduled payments at whatever dates you desire, and adjust the plan anytime to optimize sales. Offer flexibility, boost affordability, and watch your ticket sales soar.

97% completion rate

Forget chasing late payments! Our pre-authorization boasts a staggering 97% completion rate. Unlike login-based systems, fans simply click and go. Plus, you set the policy on failed plans, potentially keeping any payments received from stopped plans, maximizing your revenue stream. Streamline your finances and guarantee success with our innovative payment plans.

Customer service is easy and flexible

We provide clear payment schedules and email notifications before each charge. Fans can effortlessly update their card details, and you can adjust individual payment dates as needed. Need to cancel or reinstate a plan? It’s a breeze with our one-click system. Offer ultimate flexibility, build trust, and ensure smooth sailing for all.

Upsell add-ons

Our powerful upselling feature allows you to seamlessly offer enticing add-ons to your ticket purchases.

You can entice attendees with add-ons like food or drinks packages, or offer them exclusive access to VIP areas or after-parties. You can also sell branded merchandise, or ask for donations from participants to support a good cause.

Our new upsell functionality allows you to arrange this quickly and easily in the booking process.

Integrated in the booking process

Imagine fans adding VIP upgrades, exclusive merch, or charitable donations right at checkout. Our seamless upsell feature integrates perfectly with your ticket sales, creating a one-stop shop for attendee convenience. This translates to effortless extra revenue for you, all without bombarding fans with extra steps.

Easy setup, simple reporting

Upselling is as effortless as setting up tickets. Our intuitive platform lets you add enticing add-ons, merch, or donation options in just a few clicks. Reports seamlessly integrate with your ticket sales, providing a unified view of sales figures, stock levels, and customer data. This transparency empowers you to optimize your offerings and maximize revenue, all within a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Take charitable donations

Show your support for a charity of your choice by enabling charitable donations. Offered after tickets have been selected, the price you set becomes the default donation amount. Customers can donate more, less, or none if they choose. No tickets will be issued for donations made, and you can display your patronage with a customer banner at the top of the page.

Upsell and generate more revenue with our Ticketing Platform for Live Events.

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Ultra Europe
WKND Festival
Fiesta Marbella use LIVE IT's concert ticketing system.

LIVE IT worked closely with us on developing a ticketing system that meets all of our requirements for our visitor opening operation. It is multiples better than the well known provider we had before making it so much easier for the operations team as well as giving marketing a better understanding of who our visitors are and how they prefer to visit. After years of frustration with our previous ticketing provider and everyone else sounding rather underwhelmed with their providers I am delighted that LIVE IT have properly understood what we do and how to make a ticketing system that should suit all heritage attractions and no doubt other attractions too.

Duncan Leslie

CEO, Hever Castle

A ticketing platform for live events, packed with features

EPOS & Box Office

Make selling tickets or resolving issues a worry of the past with our easy-to-use integrated box office system.


Apple & Google Pay

With our integration, mobile users can complete their purchase in as little as 3 clicks.


Custom discount codes

Percentages or flat amounts, certain tickets or all, codes or vouchers. Anything is possible.

Custom dashboards

Take control of your data and create the views you need with Looker Dashboards.


Set up new events in minutes

Our staff will help you set up your ticket offering on our sales page.


Tesco Clubcard integration

Simplify collaborations with this retail giant, enhancing your visibility.


Simple pricing

Our platform is charged on a low-cost usage basis and does not incur upfront fees.


White label ticketing

Custom domains and extensive page editing comes as standard.

More than just software

Signing up to work with LIVE IT is not a one-time transaction, but the start of a long-term partnership. We take a consultative approach to fully understand what you need and how your business works. Once set up we’re actively invested in your success and we work hard to ensure you get the best possible results from our system. Throughout it all, our team of experts will be with you every step of the way and always on hand to provide unrivalled support.

Joel at LIVE IT was a huge support from beginning to end. He was on hand to answer questions from ourselves and clients and was always quick to respond. Where some of our clients were unsure, Joel was on hand to help. Would highly recommend.

Jenna Fan

Director, Fanfare Music

The LIVE IT team.

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