After lots of careful testing with some of our biggest clients proved it to be a knockout success, we’re rolling out our New Booking App to all organiser profiles starting today.

Packed with tonnes of features, upgrades, and optimisations, the New Booking App is set to greatly improve your customer’s booking experience – and boost your conversion rates. Read on to learn more about our new features, and stay tuned to this blog for in depth Feature Focus articles.

Multiple language and currency support

Whether you’re an international client, or just catering to an international audience, sell to your customers in their native language and currency. We currently support 11 languages and over 135 currencies.

Ticket your event in multiple languages simultaneously. Not only do we provide our platform in multiple languages, but you can also provide your event information in multiple languages too.

A screenshot demonstrating LIVE IT's multi-language ticketing functionality, by showing a booking page in Georgian.
A screenshot demonstrating LIVE IT’s multi-language ticketing functionality, by showing a booking page in Georgian.

Responsive Design:

Whilst functioning just fine on mobile before, our previous booking app was designed primarily with desktop users in mind. Now, all elements of all parts of the booking process dynamically resize and reposition themselves to fit the screen size of the user.

We’ve also given all pages a complete design refresh, the end result being snappy and stylish pages that give a great user experience on any kind or size of device.

Streamlined Checkout 

Calling on our years of data, we’ve completely re-designed our checkout process in a bid to make the process smoother for customers, and in doing so reduce drop-off rates.

Key developments include:

Apple Pay and Google Pay integration

Supported for both desktop and mobile payments, this is presented as an option alongside normal card payments. Customers who have this set up can pay with just two clicks.

We’re hard at work on the other part of this – Apple Wallet and Google Pay integrations for the tickets themselves.

A demonstration of the Google Pay / Apple Pay integration available with LIVE IT's ticketing platform.
A user can now pay in as little as two clicks – by clicking Google Pay/Apple Pay and then confirming their order.

Dynamic Page Loading

Rather than loading a new page for every stage of the booking process as we do with our old booking page, each stage of the checkout process dynamically loads within the same page.

The process is now much faster and uses much less data. This is a particularly effective upgrade for mobile users.

All these features are now active

You don’t need to do anything to enable them – all these improvements have been automatically applied to all organiser profiles.

Explore our Feature Focus series to find out more about LIVE IT features. If you have any questions, drop us a line at Happy ticketing!