Effective branding can be the difference between your event being a success or a failure. So how do you make sure that the event you’re planning is the hottest ticket in town? We’ve put together three tips that will help you to get visitors through the door and impress them once they’ve arrived.

1. Be Creative

Whether you’re trying to attract visitors to the event, or it’s the day of the event and they’ve arrived, your branding needs to be big and creative. You’re competing with a lot of other distractions for the attention of visitors so you need to go above and beyond to catch their eye.

Don’t let having a small budget hold you back. There are a number of things that you can do to brand your event that don’t break the bank. Lanyards, badges, bunting and projections are all effective but low cost techniques.

Doing things a little differently will give your event the best chance of being successful. Give visitors who can’t attend the event the opportunity to livestream key moments or pick a venue that’s packed with character, like a brewery, racetrack or gallery.

2. Social Media

Every event organiser should know the basics of social media. Social media gives you the tools to brand your event in a creative and engaging way.

A consistent, unique hashtag is a good way of creating a conversation online and getting your event to trend online. Encourage visitors to use the hashtag and use their content to broadcast a live Twitter feed, Instagram stories and even Snapchat Geofilters.

Make sure your event is WiFi-friendly. Visitors posting content to their friends, family and colleagues will raise the event’s profile and encourage new attendees next year. A social media prop is a great way to populate your hashtag

At the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, visitors were encouraged to use these social media props to take memorable pictures. This helped to promote the event and the brand online with the dedicated hashtag #vcpoloclassic.

3. Staff Clothing

Provide branded or personalised clothing for your staff and volunteers to wear and they become walking adverts. This can give your event a strong identity and help it to stand out from the competition.

If staff are wearing a uniform, they’ll be instantly recognisable for visitors, ensuring any issues or queries are dealt with quickly. A uniform is practical and creates a sense of staff unity as they’re all on the same team.

Many events and festivals opt for wristbands in the place of tickets. Wristbands are a great choice because people like to collect and wear them for months afterwards. Using them for staff and visitors allows you to promote your event well into the future.

Be bold and creative when it comes to branding your event, but don’t forget the basics like staff clothing and banners. Whatever size or scale the event is, branding is a vital step if it’s going to be a huge success.

This is a guest post by Xamax, who specialise in workwear and promotional clothing. Also providing teams and organisations with branded quality clothing.