General Admission tickets will soon be a thing of the past as LIVE IT announce their revolutionary new scheme for ticketing – Allocated Standing.

Attendees at live events will be able to pre-book their spot in the crowd from a pre-defined and fully customisable grid. Upon arrival, attendees are shown to their spot by stewards, or can scan QR codes printed on the ground at each spot to get exact directions to their allocated space.

The potential applications for the system are limitless. Event organisers can now charge a premium for the best views in the house, or ensure that only the most dedicated and well-heeled fans get coveted front-row proximity to their idols.

For a more egalitarian approach, standing spots can be randomly assigned, to mix up the crowd and help people form new friendships after nearly two years of pandemic-induced social isolation.

Venue operators are set to benefit from the LIVE IT (pronounced like “give it”) system as well, not just from potential new revenue streams, but from a dearth of new GDPR-compliant data about where the most prized spots in their previously disorderly standing sections are.

Allocated Standing represents a groundbreaking and dynamic way of attendees engaging with events, empowering consumers through a unique synergy of bleeding-edge technology and scalable systems deployment” said a spokesperson from LIVE IT, who added that they had seen many arguments over the best spots at sold out events.

“I was getting sick of having to wade through the crowd at events, where people would make hurtful comments about my body odour. Don’t print that bit” – LIVE IT spokesman.

Allocated Standing is just one part of a suite of new features LIVE IT are rolling out packaged as “Event 3.0”, alongside pre-booked toilet sessions, voice-controlled ticket scanners, and blockchain-minted guestlists.

If you’re an event promotor interested in using the Allocated Standing System (ASS), then email and our sales team will be legally obligated to get in touch. Only available on April 1st.