We hear from so many people that have started up groups, classes, workshops or one off events and there seems to be one key reason that they reach out to us – their own success!

When you start out there is such a buzz,  you are grateful that people turn up, that people want to pay to be part of your creation. It is an amazing time and you can take money on the door no problem, have time to respond to various emails individually and dedicate your energy to give great service to your attendees. But as you grow managing this process becomes much harder.

It is at this point that ticketing technology can help to streamline and automate some of the tasks that now seem to be taking up all of your time.

The Challenges

So you have a dance school, some parents want to pay for the term others would rather pay per class, some you have to chase and remind but feel awkward everytime, keeping track of everything is becoming a pain….. Or maybe you run a Boot Camp, it has been so successful you want to organise a Boot Camp vs Cross Fit challenge day but emails, guest lists, RSVPs, spreadsheets and collecting payments are not your strong point – if only they could just come to you somehow.

Or you could be part of the school PTA, you really want to put on a school ball after last years successful parents fete dance but you haven’t got the time to stand at the school gates every day to sell tickets and parents have said paying on line is easier as they never have cash on them.

Streamlining the booking process

Now is the time to enlist help from LIVEIT.  It is super simple to enter all of your event information in one place, say how much a class, term or ticket is, let people sign up and pay online then you just use your smartphone to scan their ticket on arrival.

There is an easy to use dashboard where you can manage all of your event information, check on attendee numbers, send out any last minute messages regarding each event or class, even choose to have cancellation insurance included so there is one less thing for you to worry about.

What does it cost?

For free events there is no fee, and for paid for events there is a small percentage fee applied to each ticket.  This fee can either be absorbed into your ticket price or added on as an extra so the ticket buyer can see how much it is.  This small percentage covers the cost of our employees, that continue to develop and maintain the ticketing system ensuring it remains one of the best on the market. This small percentage also allows you to free up a chunk of your time to spend making your events and classes better rather than getting bogged down in payment and attendee logistics.

We think it’s great! We think you should give it a go! Try us out now. We have plenty of helpful tips here to get you started.