Build hype, generate high-intent leads, and kick your event campaign off with a bang using LIVEIT’s Registration Pages.

If you’re like most event organisers, you’re always looking for new ways to generate high-intent leads. Or you might be looking to run a sign-up campaign in advance of launching, trying to create a huge first day of ticket sales.

With LIVE IT’s Registration Pages, you can quickly create customised registration pages that will help you capture the contact information of your target audience.

Read on to learn more…

Registration Pages - LIVE IT

An example of a LIVE IT registration page which requires social sharing to complete.

How do Registration Pages work?

Our Registration Pages let you quickly create a stylish and customisable sign up form which you can use to capture easily exportable audience data.

By default we capture names and email addresses. You can also request mobile phone numbers, addresses, or create fully customisable questions.

Customise the form with your choice of logo, background image, text and prompts. Encourage social sharing to help your campaign go viral, and then download all data with one click.

💡 – Registration Pages are fully responsive, so work great on mobile.
Registration Pages - LIVE IT

Registration Pages do not exclusively have to be for sign ups – they can be used as any kind of form. E.g. a postponement options form or for contact tracing.

Best Practices

Make sure your background image isn’t too bright so as to obscure the text and registration form – check the “Darken background” box to keep everything visible.

Enable the countdown timer and provide extra encouragement to register. We recommend that you don’t show your countdown timer until 1 week before registration closes.

Registration Pages - LIVE IT

An example of a countdown timer on a registration page.

If you choose to enable any of the Sharing platforms, your registrants will be prompted to share the page to their social media. If you also selected “encourage sharing”, they will have to share, in order to complete their registration.

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code to count your Registration Page as part of your website, and be able to see exactly how many people are visiting.

Most importantly – remember to always test your registration page before sending it out to your audience.

Get Started

Log in to your organiser profile and find the “Registration Pages” section in the footer of the page, underneath “your events”. If the link isn’t there, email and we’ll enable it.

Click “Create a registration page” to get started. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

The “Event tab” contains all your standard settings, including what text appears on the page and how it looks. The “questions” tab is used for setting up custom questions.

Once published, you can download data from your page using the “download registrants” button on the same page where you configure your landing page.