Easily create stylish and highly customisable mini-sites by using LIVE IT’s Landing Pages feature.

With big events come big ticketing plans, and you may find yourself with a complicated series of event pages, ticket links, and other pages you want to direct potential customers towards.

With LIVE IT’s new Landing Pages, you can quickly and easily create simple web pages to serve as a stylish jumping off point to any destination of your choosing.

Read on to learn more…

Landing Pages - LIVE IT

We Are FSTVL use LIVE IT Payment Plans to offer deals with an attractive deposit, displayed all in one place using LIVE IT Landing Pages.

How do Landing Pages work?

Landing Pages are easy to create and highly customisable web pages that you can use to link to a variety of destinations – including LIVE IT Event Pages.

Pages follow a simple format of a heading with your logo, space for plenty of text or images in both header and paragraph form, and then a series of buttons/links to other pages.

Design the page with your choice of logo, background image, text and prompts. Set up the buttons to link to event pages or other destinations. You can customise the font and all text colours to make it match your other website(s).

Advanced users can add custom CSS code to the page to take the customisation to the next level!

Best Practices

Use a logo with a transparent background – to make it really pop against your background image.

Make sure your background image isn’t too bright so as to obscure the text and registration form – check the “Darken background” box to keep everything visible.

Likewise make sure your buttons stand out from the background, and the text on those is clearly visible against their setting.

Enter your Google Analytics tracking code to count your Landing Page as part of your website, so you can track visitor numbers as well as their destinations.

You can update your Landing Page as much as you want – if you’re linking to multiple event pages and one sells out, you can go back and update the button text to reflect that.

Landing Pages - LIVE IT

Suncebeat’s Landing Page uses a lot more text to act as an intro to the festival.

Get Started

Log in to your organiser profile and find the “Landing Pages” section in the footer of the page, underneath “your events”. If the link isn’t there, email support@liveit.io and we’ll enable it.

Click “Create a Landing page” to get started. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)