Make writing engaging and SEO-optimised event listings a breeze with LIVE IT’s new ChatGPT integration.

Writing descriptive, engaging and SEO-optimised event listings has long been a time-consuming and tricky part of setting up ticketing pages. That’s why LIVE IT have integrated ChatGPT with our event creation process, and made this step of getting events on sale a breeze.

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How does AI Assist work?

It’s simple! Event organisers can easily craft attractive event descriptions without labouring away researching and writing from scratch. To give it a go:

  1. When creating an event, enter the title as normal.
  2. In “one line summary about your event”, add a brief sentence of what the event is about, and/or key details.
  3. Choose a category for the event and click “write my description”.

Our AI assistant will then write an event description, using the information you’ve provided as a starting point. These are around 150 words, or one short paragraph in length.

Best Practices

Make sure to include descriptors such as adjectives, adverbs, and verbs that will help spark the readers’ imagination. Invoke actionable verbs in your writing so that readers are encouraged to take action from the information provided in the description – this could be done by emphasising words such as “register,” “book,” or “sign up.”

Include relevant keywords in the summary so that your description includes them, and your event is more likely to appear in search engine results pages.

You can enter whatever you like in your event title/event summary to help fine-tune your AI-generated description, and then change the title or summary back to what you’d like it to be.

Finally, remember to proofread any generated copy before sending it out live!

Get Started

AI Assist for event descriptions is now available to all LIVE IT and Bookitbee organiser accounts. To get started, create a new event, or edit any existing one on the “About the event” page.

Sign up for LIVE IT here, or drop us an email at with any questions.