Planning an event aimed at industry professionals? Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn advertising to grab the attention of your target audience.

In recent blogs, we’ve discussed how to use many different social media and networking platforms to your advantage when planning an event. However, we haven’t yet spoken about LinkedIn. Well, today we plan on remedying that. LinkedIn is used frequently by many industry professionals – it has 400 million members- making it a fantastic tool for making industry connections. Although many dismiss the platform as merely a recruitment tool, this couldn’t be further from the case. Using LinkedIn advertising effectively can put the spotlight on your event and bring awareness to your peers.

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your chosen audience, you’ll have to be savvy. Build your connections wisely and post engaging and relevant content. Below are just some of the ways that you can effectively use LinkedIn to boost awareness of your next event.

Direct Messaging

There are a few different ways that you can message parties whom you wish to attract on LinkedIn. Two are free, whilst the third will require you to hold credits.

You can send a direct message free of charge to any one of your first tier connections. A single message can be sent to 50 connections or less. Involved in a group? Then you can message other participants of the group for free by finding them in the member’s tab and clicking ‘send message’. The last method is known as InMail, which is a paid tool. You can reach anyone via this medium as long as you have enough credit.


You will be able to send an email to someone provided you are connected to them. All you need to is click on the contact info section.

Update Status

Now that we’ve covered the person-specific methods, let’s take a look at the more public tools at your disposable. The most obvious is to update your status. If you’re using an event booking system which allows you to create a specially made event page, then post a link to it. Be sure that you make the post as eye-catching as possible. Try using large graphics which will instantly pull the viewer’s focus. However, be aware that status updates will only be available to those that you’re connected with.

Join leading LinkedIn groups

If you want word of your event to reach the right ears, you’ll have to find out where the pivotal conversations happen. This involves joining the leading LinkedIn groups. Find out which groups the industry professionals that you want to attract contribute to. Then join them. If you have contacts who are already members of one of these groups then be sure to utilise them. Why not ask one such contact to start talking about your event in the group? You can then add comments and steer the conversation. If you have no contacts then join and begin talking about your event yourself.

You also have the option of creating your own group. Begin adding delegates, speakers and those you wish to attend. To ensure that it gets the desired traction, try to emulate some of the groups which generate more conversation. You can even ask some of your speakers to contribute to the group, giving sneak previews of topics to be covered during the event.

We mentioned briefly above that you have the option to pay for the InMail function. This is not the only paid feature on the platform. Organisers also can utilise paid LinkedIn advertising. The most effective way to run a paid ad is to go for a sponsored update.  Unlike a standard ad, a sponsored update appears on the newsfeed of your targeted audience, therefore, they are more likely to see it. The targeting tool allows you the flexibility to only display to your target audience using factors such as industry, location and job title.

LinkedIn is not solely the recruitment tool that many users think it to be. To date, 3 million companies have accounts, whilst the average CEO has around 930 connections. With this level of engagement by industry professionals, you simply cannot discount LinkedIn when it comes to marketing industry events.