by Justin Isles, Director of The Events Structure

From pop-up stores and festivals to nationwide touring events, there’s no escaping the fact that mobile events are on the rise. This form of promotion offers unrivalled opportunities to get out and meet your consumers face-to-face in their own environment – however, ensuring your brand has maximum impact on the road requires a well-thought out strategy and execution.

From branded exhibition trailers and eye-catching inflatable structures to location and planning, you need to make sure you captivate your consumers’ attention for the right reasons. For today’s post, we’ve asked the event experts at The Events Structure for their insights on mobile events and the potential for businesses to effectively engage with consumers out and about.

Keep branding consistent

With any event, it’s important to ensure branding and key messages are kept consistent. When it comes to mobile events, having a cohesive approach to branding will strengthen your message – making it easier for consumers to identify and relate to your brand before, during and after the event.

Plan with precision

It goes without saying that planning and organisation are crucial to executing a successful event – especially as there’ll always be unforeseen issues that inevitably pop up. But out on the road, dealing with these issues can be even harder, with fewer resources to hand to help you tackle them – therefore, precision planning is essential. Utilising robust event planning platforms and easy-to-use ticketing apps will help you keep the event planning process structured and managed throughout, leaving you with more time to focus on ensuring the event runs smoothly on the day.

This should include putting contingency plans in place for problems like bad weather, poor turn out and technical issues. This will afford you more peace of mind knowing there’s a strategy in place and ready to go should the worst happen. With a well-planned mobile event, it’s easier to make a good impression and speak directly to your audience to gain buy-in for your brand.

A key part of your mobile event’s success will come from what you do on the day. With more and more attendees putting emphasis on event experiences and added value, event organisers need to look beyond pitching up and waiting for things to happen.

This is where mobile events can present an ideal opportunity to create a buzz and excitement about your brand, helping you deliver a unique experience to attendees. Whether you choose an unconventional location, quirky branding or star-studded activities at your event, it will pay to focus on customer experiences – as well as crafting a different style of event to make you stand out from the crowd.

Get social with your audience

While physical presence at the event will drive footfall and engagement on the day, don’t forget to pre-promote it online well in advance. Whether you’re attempting your first pop-up store or embarking on a whistle-stop tour, utilising digital marketing techniques like blogs and social media platforms will drum up interest surrounding the event. With the ability to reach a large number of consumers ahead of the event, you can intrigue them with teasers and build meaningful relationships early on to strengthen future relationships. Also take advantage of one of the event industry’s hottest trends, live event streaming, to add value and provide unique insight during the event.

Make sure branding is highly visual

This may sound like a no-brainer, but your mobile event branding must be highly visual. Unlike traditional events held in static venues, mobile events aren’t always guaranteed footfall. And depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you may be relying on drumming up customers on the day, rather than pre-sold tickets. Therefore, getting your message out there in a highly visual way will make sure you’re noticed, as well as help to raise brand awareness.

Whether you take advantage of a brightly branded tour bus, a show-stopping pop-up stage or inflatable structures that can be seen far and wide, your branding should attract people’s attention and be memorable.

Don’t forget about location

The location of your mobile event is equally as important as a traditional venue when it comes to ensuring you reach customers. When taking your event on the road, it’s prudent to do thorough research into the area beforehand. Think about where your exhibition stand will be positioned, footfall in the area, accessibility and timing. The last thing you want is to choose a location with no footfall or that’s hard to reach, hindering your chances of getting face time with your audience.

Mobile events offer a real opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers face-to-face, and with these insights, you can make your next mobile event a complete success from start to finish.

Justin Isles is the Director of The Events Structure, the UK’s only single source provider of state-of-the-art exhibition trailers, promotional vehicles and other event marketing solutions. Follow them on twitter @eventsstructure