LIVE IT, the most reliable ticketing company in town, is proud to announce a new initiative to help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint: All of our tickets will now be using hand-drawn QR codes!

Instead of relying on energy-consuming machines to generate QR codes for each ticket, we will be turning to a much more sustainable option – human artistry. Each code will be individually crafted by one of our experienced team members with skill and finesse. And don’t worry about waiting too long — it only takes 5-10 working days for each QR code to be generated.

Using hand-drawn QR codes has many advantages over digital ones. They are much more unique and personalized, allowing customers to express themselves with whatever colors they like (limited to the colours available in a standard crayola pack of crayons). Not only does this help reduce our energy usage, but it also adds an artistic flair that attracts attention and shows off your creative side. You may also see fun hidden messages, such as “send help” and “haven’t been paid”!

Remember: when you are struggling to have your hand-drawn QR code scanned at your next event, it was likely drawn by one of LIVE IT’s amazing artists. So sit back, relax, and enjoy waiting outside the show knowing that you’ve helped make the world just a little bit greener.

(just in case it wasn’t obvious, this is an April fools and that we are still offering instant QR codes and electronic tickets and are a proud climate positive company!)