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Increase ticket sales by 30% with Group Ticket deals

Increase ticket sales by 30 percent with Group Ticket deals

Increase ticket sales by 30% using a Group Ticketing deal.

Imagine if your ticket buyers were incentivised to ask their friends to buy tickets to your event as well. It would give you access to a whole network of resellers talking to their contacts about going to your events. Well after listening to our customers, we have built Group Ticketing to let you do just that.

‘Group Ticketing’ is a system that allows an event organizer to reward a group organizer for pursuading their network of contacts to buy tickets to your event. Through our solution we have the ability to help you reach into the individual networks of your ticket buyers and grow your audience organically.

It works like this, the event organizer sets up a Group Ticketing deal and promotes it to their audience, then:

  1. A ticket buyer can become a group organiser who registers their details and forms a group.
  2. They promote their group page to their friends via a unique link on email or social media.
  3. Once enough of them sign-up and register for a ticket it releases a free ticket to the group organiser.

Event organizers have the choice of how many tickets are needed to make up a group:

  • X tickets bought = Y tickets issued for free

Where X is the number of tickets required to make a group and Y is the number of free tickets that get issued to the group organizer.

The results speak for themselves, with event organizers seeing ticket sales improved by an average of 30% on previous years.

Get in touch to organise demo. If you would like to know more about Ticketing Groups or want additional help with your ticketing just get in touch.