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Increase ticket sales by 30 percent with Group Ticketing deals

Increase ticket sales by 30% using a Group Ticketing deal

Word of mouth within friendship groups is a huge power to harness, so after listening to our customers, we have built Group Ticketing to let you do just that.

Imagine if your ticket buyers were incentivised to ask their friends to buy tickets to your event. The knock on effect creates buzz early on increasing demand for your tickets, as a whole network of resellers talk to their connections about your events. Plus ultimately it’s more fun for them to go along together giving a better overall experience once they get there.

‘Group Ticketing’ allows an event organizer to reward an individual for rounding up their contacts to buy tickets as a group to your event. This feature taps into your ticket buyers networks to help grow your audience organically.

How does it work?

It works like this, the event organizer sets up a Group Ticketing deal and promotes it to their audience, then:

  1. A ticket buyer can become a group organiser who registers their details and forms a group.
  2. They promote their group page to their friends via a unique link on email or social media.
  3. Once enough of them sign-up and register for a ticket it releases a free ticket to the group organiser.

For the ticket buyer they get to decide how to use this free ticket, as a shared reduction for everyone, or maybe offer the birthday person/stag/hen go free, or simply choose to keep the ticket and buy a round of drinks once there. We don’t know and don’t mind, but we do love that the feedback we get from them is that they love excuses to bring their friends together.  In the words of a recent group ticket buyer, “the group ticket was so much easier than one person having to pay upfront, the booking system did it all for me, once everyone had paid in I got my ticket and I wasn’t stuck with the credit card bill having to awkwardly chase friends for money”.

Different events require different parameters, so of course event organizers have the choice of how many tickets are needed to make up a group:

  • X tickets bought = Y tickets issued for free

Where X is the number of tickets required to make a group and Y is the number of free tickets that get issued to the group organizer.

The results speak for themselves, with this feature becoming one of our most popular additions and event organizers seeing ticket sales improved by an average of 30% on previous years.

Whilst most organisers use it in this way, it is not limited to free tickets, the reward can be adjusted to release other incentives, free drinks, group queue jump, merchandise, whatever you want. This is totally customisable – you decide!

Get in touch to organise demo. To hear more about Ticketing Groups or seek advice for your ticketing issues get in touch.