Sell renewable memberships to your venue or attraction using LIVE IT’s game-changing new system.

Membership programs present an excellent opportunity to show appreciation to your fans and attendees. By providing exclusive deals and perks to dedicated customers, memberships enable you to cultivate a loyal and engaged community, all while increasing your revenue. LIVE IT’s new membership system lets any venue or attraction operator set up a membership scheme in a matter of minutes, with all the tools you need already integrated to our existing ticketing platform.

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How do memberships work?

The membership system let customers purchase passes that give unlimited or repeat entry to your events or venue. Members are issued with digital and/or physical passes that are scanned at your point of entry using our box office or ticket scanning app, the same as any ticket. Online purchases take place through our fast and mobile-optimised checkout, or you can sell memberships at your venue via the box office.

You can fully customise how much and how often customers are charged, and members are automatically emailed reminders when it is time for them to renew. At the point of renewal, customers have the choice of renewing without changes, adding more members, or changing/upgrading their membership if the option exists.

Setting up a simple scheme can be done in a matter of minutes, but the membership system offers a great depth of customisability and flexibility that anyone familiar with LIVE IT’s platform will have come to expect of us and our services.

How to set up the membership system

Create an event on your dashboard as usual, adding the relevant essential info such as title, description, and location, plus any page design such as a logo and background image. These are displayed in the same fashion as a normal event page. When it comes to date, choose “single event” and any date far in the future. Make sure to select “paid event” on payment types.

When you come to “ticket types”, this is where you set up your different membership tiers. Each “ticket” you set up here becomes a membership tier, the price you give them is the price charged per renewal period. How these are displayed on the purchase flow works the exact same as tickets – e.g. you can group them, add descriptions, hide them, etc. Set up at least one membership tier here and click save.

💡 Do you have an existing membership scheme that would need importing to our system? This isn’t a problem. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Now, head to “Membership Scheme”, this is where the meat of the operation is. We’ll walk you through every setting on this page.

Member number prefix – All customer memberships get given a reference, like a booking reference. The prefix you put here will be appended to the front to distinguish memberships from bookings. E.g. choose prefix MEM and a customer would get something like MEM-97WFCBK.

Validity period in days/months – This is how long your memberships will last for before they have to be renewed. You can choose months or days. E.g. every 12 months for an annual pass, every 3 months for something more seasonal. It’s totally up to you.

Allow online renewal before expiry – Our system lets people arrange their renewal before expiry to ensure no lapse in membership status. Here you can define how early you’d like that period to start. We recommend one month/thirty days.

Send renewal reminder emails – Toggle this on and customers will be notified at the point (defined by the previous setting) when they are eligible for renewal.

My Membership portal: Welcome message – Members are given a link to a page where they can manage their membership. Here, you can choose what text to display on that page (besides all the usual info and options). You can format text freely, plus add any images or links. It’s a good idea to repeat any info on what membership benefits are here, how customers access them, and how members could contact you.

My Membership portal: Renewal information – As previous but this text only appears when the membership is eligible for renewal.

Email: Renewal reminder – This is text that will go into the email notification about renewal (assuming you have it enabled).

Once all these are filled out, click “create membership scheme”, make your event page live following the usual process, and your membership will be on sale!

Renewing memberships

Assuming you’ve set up renewal reminders, customers will be notified via email according to your set up when their membership is eligible for renewal. The email will direct them to their membership portal where they’ll have two options:

Renew without changes – They’ll be sent to the usual buying flow to make payment on their next period of membership.

Renew and add/remove members or change member types – They’ll have the opportunity to make whatever changes they request before being sent to make payment.

Customers being able to edit their memberships at the point of renewal allows them to take care of their own upgrades, cancellations, or alterations (such as changing child memberships for adult ones) saving you a tonne of time.

An example of a customer renewal screen in the membership system.
The membership system offers renewing customers the chance to upgrade memberships or add new ones to their group.

Customer service

You can search for members the same as any other booking in both the general platform and the box office. Search by name, email address, and membership/booking reference and any memberships will come up in search just like tickets.

Scan memberships into your event or venue using either the box office or the mobile ticket check-in app – no additional set up required. Scans of memberships will be recorded in scan reports ensuring an accurate headcount for your site. Scan data is stored so you can easily view/report on how often members are visiting or purchasing tickets.

You can add members to an exiting group or family membership part way though the membership year and they pay pro-rata. This is really good for situations such as families having another child, as they then don’t have to wait to the end of the membership period to add them.

It’s possible to remove members mid-membership and disable renewal emails in cases of bereavement. This is something we have found lots of other membership systems do not support but which is hugely valued by customers that need it.

You can easily adjust expiry dates. Other than that, most other issues can be easily resolved in the same way as tickets – resending emails/passes, updating details (can be done by customer on renewal or in box office/back office at any time by staff).

Members-only events

Members-only events are a great way to reward your members for their loyalty and easy to set up. Create your event exactly as normal and then go to “booking questions” in event set up. Under “type of answer” choose “Valid member number”. You can even choose if you only want certain types of membership to be valid.

You will need to write the question put to anyone trying to book that asks for their membership number. We’ve given you this option so you can change the wording to fit your membership scheme – e.g. if you call it something different like a season pass.

Hit “save” and now anyone trying to book this event will be prompted to enter their membership number, entering an incorrect number will disallow the booking.

💡 If you have an event you’d like to start as members-only, like a pre-sale period, and then change to be available for anyone, you can enable this setting and then turn it off.

An example of a members-only event validation field.
An example of a members-only event validation field.

Tips for the Membership System

If you’d like to edit the text in the confirmation emails customers receive after starting their membership, the place to do so is in “completion message” in the event set up. It works the same as it does for tickets.

Remember that membership payments are not taken automatically, but rather prompted to re-enter their payment details once their membership is up for renewal. Take this into account when deciding on how long you want your membership period to be.

Finally, remember to proofread and test your membership before sending it out live!

Get Started

The membership system is available to all clients using the Venue System and can be made available upon request to all LIVE IT and Bookitbee organiser accounts. This may necessitate upgrading your Bookitbee tier which will unlock a whole host of other fantastic features.

Sign up for LIVE IT here, or drop us an email at with any questions.