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PENSHURST PLACE is a privately owned stately home and gardens in Kent, once owned by King Henry VIII, with various annual events and an incredibly popular Christmas experience.  After an increased level of complaints in 2017 regarding the booking and management of their Narnia Christmas Grotto ticketing, they needed a new booking system. The system needed to be easy to switch to, have a simpler customer interface, allow them to sell multiple tickets over various dates and time slots as well as have the ability to generate and keep new customer data for future marketing.


  • Calendar
  • Time Slots
  • Customer Service
  • Queuing Technology
  • High Volume Management


In previous years the box office for this hugely attractive event was historically plagued with booking issues and unhappy customers.  It’s popularity reached new heights in 2017 and led to many complaints regarding the ticketing process.

The system was not able to handle the volume of traffic on the launch day leading to customers being locked out of the booking page, having sessions time out on the payment page and at various other stages. This disrupted the entire booking process, resulting in a huge volume of customer service calls, emails and complaints that had to be dealt with by Penshurst Place staff. Annual members were angry that they hadn’t received any priority booking window and many were local residents that support and visit Penshurst Place many times throughout the year, so the owners were keen to get back in favour for 2018.


LIVE IT were appointed to handle the bookings for 2018 and cherry picked features to suit the clients needs.

LIVE IT advised using the calendar function to simplify the user experience, within this the account team set up time slots with an allocated number of tickets per slot. Most importantly LIVE ITs technical team assessed the server capacity to ensure any rush would be managed.

Secondly the marketing communications around the event were streamlined, so Annual members received a reminder regarding the launch date and time. There were website and social media announcements in the run up to the launch detailing the opening date and time.  The combination of clearer focused marketing and the experience of the 2017 ticket buying experience elevated demand amongst eager parents keen to not miss out for 2018.


An average of 1000 people were on the site per minute as the box office opened.  Resulting in 100 tickets sold in the first 60 seconds selling out most of the key weekend peak slots instantly.

The calendar function gave a smooth user experience and ease of booking was a vast improvement on previous years.  It was not only a great success for ticket sales but due to a vastly improved interface, the volume of customer queries was also reduced.

The LIVE IT team received a glowing report after the launch morning from an extremely grateful client. “This is the quietest it’s ever been, it’s wonderful. I’ve run this event 5 times now and in the previous 4, the website has crashed, the server has failed and our payment gateways have been poorly executed. I cannot tell you how much stress it’s puts on my staff and myself on the day of the ticket launch, but today has thus far been a dream! Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is beyond appreciated.”


LIVE IT is designed for professional event organisers, venues and festivals and has a full service offering, including customer service and insurance.  It allows a seamless operation from start to finish.

Let our account team take control of your attendees while you get on with planning your event. GET IN TOUCH to find out more.