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8 Ways to Make Your Chinese New Year Event Shine: Essential Tips for Party Planners

With Chinese/Lunar New Year just around the corner, it's time to start party planning! If you're organising a Chinese New Year event, chances are you want everything to be memorable and special. But with so much traditional symbolism and intricate detail involved in...

Recession Proofing Your Events

Recession looms: consumer wallets are going to be tightening, and event production costs are going to remain high. What does this mean for event organisers, and what can you do to recession-proof your event?A recession in the UK has now been predicted by the Bank of...

Feature Focus: Registration Pages

Build hype, generate high-intent leads, and kick your event campaign off with a bang using LIVEIT's Registration Pages. If you're like most event organisers, you're always looking for new ways to generate high-intent leads. Or you might be looking to run a sign-up...

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Feature Focus: AI Assist for Event Descriptions

Make writing engaging and SEO-optimised event listings a breeze with LIVE IT's new ChatGPT integration. Writing descriptive, engaging and SEO-optimised event listings has long been a time-consuming and tricky part of setting up ticketing pages. That’s why LIVE IT have...

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Top facts: Why Video is essential for your next event

by Sarah, Earpiece OnlineMore audiences than ever before are interacting with video and it has become an essential tool to all marketers.In fact, video could be considered the conglomeration of all content with the ability to tap into the benefits of text, music,...

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Get advice, ideas, and inspiration for your next event and take your planning, marketing, and ticketing game to the next level.

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Take a deep dive into the features that make our ticketing platform so well-loved by organisers and learn how best to use them.

Feature Focus: Multi-Language Events

Feature Focus: Multi-Language Events

Take your event international by ticketing in up to 11 different languages simultaneously, and selling in one of 135 available currencies. If your event has an international fanbase, or if you're looking to expand into one, ensuring customers from all over the world...

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Feature Focus: Group Deals

Feature Focus: Group Deals

Encourage big bookings and reach into the individual networks of your fans using our unique Group Ticketing. Looking to give your event an attendance boost? Group deals might be the answer. By offering a free ticket or other reward to groups of ticket buyers, and...

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