Live IT offers registration and ticketing services for professional events

LIVE IT offers considerable industry knowledge and experience to help clients maximise revenues from event attendees, run effective campaigns and manage attendee data. This experience is backed up by an industry leading technology platform and financial services.


LIVE IT: PARTICIPATE – A system designed for mass participation events such as triathlons and mud runs.


LIVE IT: LIVE – A system designed for live events and festivals such as literary festivals and live concerts.


LIVE IT: VENUE – A system designed for venues with allocated seating such as theatres and sporting stadiums.

The Live IT Platform

Cloud based system

LIVE IT is an entirely cloud based “Platform as a Service” that can be branded for your organisation and tailored to your needs.

Simple to Manage

Set up ticket sales centrally or let sub accounts be managed independently under your supervision.

Packed with Features

The Live IT platform has a whole host of features allowing it to be used for all types of events and specific requirements.

Open Integration

Through the Live IT API suite we can integrate your ticketing solution to talk to existing 3rd party applications and services.

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